JD Swanguen does what he wants. At the age of 23, he's got some miles tucked under his belt with a collection of medals and memories to show for it. Some companies aren't willing to invest in JD as they say "he's not doing anything." As a proud sponsor of JD Swanguen, we don't agree.
Last year JD raced on a back that was broken. Healing a fractured vertebre while trying to race among the best in the USA is the kind of commitment level you'll find on the PBR World tour... minus a worthwhile prize purse. To make up for the lackluster race season gone by, JD started the new year off right with a four week trip to South America for some riding and racing. To spite those who believe he does so little, JD managed to earn enough prize money to make the trip worthwile and even made a fresh DT edit for us to enjoy.
JD rules. So check him out.
Dark Timbers. Nature calls.
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