Kizz MyAnthia had a word on gadgets at the DeepSec 2011 security conference:

James Bond has the coolest tools in the world, but when do we get to play with them?

Almost everyone out there wants to have the coolest gadgets from the movies, but when do you we get them. This talk will look into the advancements of technology and the ability for today's tech toys to be tomorrow's super gadget. The talk will walk the participants through a number of historical advances touching on espionage and security submergence and the relation of what is real and what is only available in the movies. Once the participants have an understanding of how normal every day devices can be leveraged to be more than they appear Kizz will dive into how the relation of this can be applied to the thought process of every organization's security policy and procedures.

The acceptance and integration of technologically advanced devices, into our everyday life has allowed for them to penetrate deep into secure areas. In particular, the ability to have your phone along with you at any moment of the day feeds our needs for social media, email, business, and pleasure. Smartphones and tablets have only just begun to enter our environments and most don't understand the security risks when allowing their use.

Having developed "The WMD Package" as a penetration testing platform it allows users leverage over a number of security controls. This presentation will provide participants
with the ability to view the applications of such a device and provide an understanding as to how to approach securing an organization against most of the attack vectors. At the end of the presentation the audience will take part in a live demonstration of how "The WMD Package" works and have a chance for some question and answer time.

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