This is the stuff we always wanted to do ever since we saw the opening titles of Panic Room. It was one of the first movies using camera mapping and in a cool way! We love you David Fincher!!

We have tackled camera mapping before so we wanted to push the envelope a little bit further. That's where Jeremy Goldberg comes in. He is an insanely talented photographer / director with some stunning
time lapses. Head on to his website to see what we're talking about!
He had seen some of the work we had done with still frames and approached us with time lapse sequences for a similar treatment.

So this time not only did we have to deal with a lot more geometry and image complexity but we had to deal with moving images as well!!

Everything was cut up in After Effects and a lot of time was spent stamping to ensure the parallax scrolling would work without showing parts of the front building on the back building etc. The animated textures were then imported to cinema 4d and projected to the previously modeled geometry.

By the way huge props to maxon for creating such a stable program. It didn't even crash once and there were a lot of high res animated textures loaded up in one scene!

Time Lapse:

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