Dir. Jessie Oldfield and Adam Murfet

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SHIFT was created in collaboration with fashion label above. It features pieces from above's autumn/winter 2012 collection.


Same path. Three women walk along a suburban street. This is their place, their playground. Headed in the same direction each of their choices has put them exactly where they are right now.

Same goal. They each know exactly where they are going, and how to get there. A shift in structure, in look, only builds upon what they had before. Each woman selects one part, multiple parts, opposing parts, matching parts and reassembles them to reinvent herself. She pastes them over a surface – her body – as a way of interpreting her emotion and style.

Different way to get there. Movement is an insight into each woman’s confidence. It’s her way of speaking and bearing exactly who she is. Instead of words, she uses her body to speak for her. The fluidity of the motion, the presence in the moment, it’s intuitive and meant to be. The women may be wearing different garments, but their collage represents one collection.

She is a sum of her shifting parts.


With above – Nyssa Marrow & Kerry Findlow
Models – Juanita Ellenhard, Kelsi Thomson, Tory West all from Viviens Models
Steadicam Operator – Glenn Clayton
Camera Assistants – Brad Andrews, Jonathan Haynes
Choreographer – Jessie Oldfield
Editors – Adam Murfet & Jessie Oldfield

Stylists – Nyssa Marrow & Kerry Findlow
Styling Assistant – Zange Oldfield
Make Up Artist – Fiona Middleton
Hair Stylist – Olivia McFarlene from Kevin Murphy
Graphic Designer – Jonas Marnell

Special thanks to – Natalie Arnull, Jenny Neilson, Chris Thompson, Marni Kornhauser, Pete Wells & Inspiration Studios, Adele Pollitt & Alure, Amy Forrest & OzDare, Steven Smith, Jackie Hue.


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