The Tokina AT-X Pro & Pro II lenses have long been regarded as descendants of the legendary Angenieux versions.
Info like these convinced me: (Pro I version)

Neither are made new anymore, and while the Angenieux still commands a minimum US$1,000 (depending on condition), the Tokina's have risen in price dramatically every since the HDSLR revolution. Prices average US$350 on the likes of eBay.
I used the Tokina extensively but wanted to complete my Angenieux zoom set - I also have the 70-210mm. Now that I have the Angenieux version I'm selling my Tokina to offset this lavish purchase.
But before I part with it I also wanted to do my comparison video as the YouTube video above was with the Pro I.
Both lenses here are near mint condition. You can also download the file to see the subtle differences. Shot with Sony NEX-5N, aperture f2.6, ISO 800, manual WB.
The Angenieux is slightly sharper, has more contrast and gives a cooler colour. The only advantage the Tokina has is its coating. It seems to suppress the torch flare more as seen in the vid. The Angenieux is f2.6 constant while the Tokina dips to f2.8 when at 70mm. The focus throw on the Angenieux is much shorter - which may be a pro or con to some people. The Angie is slightly lighter but longer. Both have internal zoom and focus mechanisms.
The Angenieux is superior but then again the Tokina is at least 3 times cheaper. Laypeople would not see the subtle differences.

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