Shield Attack is a mobile controlled Desktop/TV arcade game, allowing for anyone to use their Smartphone to throw frisbees into a game environment on their Desktop or TV. The Player can choose to use real throw gestures or flick the frisbee on the mobile screen to slice through and destroy anything on the big screen. By using mobile gesture recognition technology connected to an entire 3D City we have created a new way for smartphone users to interact with their TVs.

The mobile application was developed using Adobe AIR with Flash (which gave us flexibility on the app’s distribution by using the same source for different platforms) and is seamlessly connected to the Unity Game through a HTML5 WebSocket.

Creating the game environment in Unity allowed us to introduced mesh slicing to all the 3D buildings in the city, meaning that the player has complete freedom to slice any building, at any point, at any angle.

The player is confronted with a cityscape being invaded by alien monsters, prepared to save the human population of the alien threat, the player will soon relies that the monsters have not come to the city to destroy it, but are instead here to defend it! … how much carnage can you cause?

Multiplayer is a key feature of this game. It allows for up to 3 players to convert their smartphones into a frisbees and challenge each other for the highest scores.

The longer you can survive, the further you will progress in the game and gradually discover new and harder game levels.

The Game Premiered at FITC Amsterdam 2012 and will be available in Spring on the App Store, Android Market, Chrome Web Store and compatible with Google TV.

Creative: Stephan Bischof
Designer: Lok Neville Lee
Mobile Developers: Keita Kuroki, Maciej Zasada
Unity Developer: Andrew Oaten
3D Designer: Sophie Langohr
Producer: Josselin Milon
Technical Partner: Gilles Boisselet
Video: Stephan Bischof, Tamas Olajos

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