My first induvidual Experimental Film Project at Aberystwyth University. It is an essay film about my thoughts towards 'Imagination'. The film has 3parts that are 'memory', 'The Art', and 'Dream', and each section describes how individuals have their own world of imagination.

I'm so sorry for my narration/accent, it might be a bit hard to understand it, so here is the whole script for this film.
The real world is plain.
But do we really see it as it is?


In the real world, everything has its shape and colour. Sometimes they make sounds as well.
We see and hear things, and remember them.
But haven't you ever experienced conflicting memories?
Such as memories of traveling

You like to go to new places where you've never been before.
Every time if you get a nice impression of the new place, you feel like returning to it again.
And when you do...

You may still like the place, but you don't get the same impression as you did the first time. You find the place different to the place that you've known.

You may find it less impressive or even nostalgic. And these new impressions will be recorded as 'another memory of the place'.

Have you ever explored the reason why you had conflicting memories?

Maybe because you were in a different mood or feeling different. Your memory records these feelings with the images of what you've actually experienced.

The memory is filtered by 'feeling' in order to create it.
And you can say that all of these memories are 'real' in the world of imagination.

The Arts

How do you feel when you

Look at paintings
Read a poem
Listen to music?

You are experiencing the art of others, and touching what they see and feel.

But it doesn't mean that you experience the same thoughts and feelings through that art.

Each person, has an individual way of interpreting the work.

and sometimes this can influence you and enlarge your world.

You are influenced from the art of someone else, but when you create art, it might influence someone else.


We now close our eyes.
Slowly drifting away from the real.

It can easily be forgotten, but we see another world, which cannot be seen from the real world, and cannot be trespassed upon by anybody else.

We often see images of the real world in our dreams. But usually it is not exactly the same as the real world.

You see your deep psyche in your dreams.

You can experience whatever you want even the things that are impossible in the real world.

It's a magic world behind your minds eye.

- - -

Since you were born, you have had a brush in your mind, and are painting your own world.

Creating and influencing each of the worlds beyond the sight of others.

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