Located off the northwest coast of mainland Africa, the Canary Islands annually reenact the coming of the Three Wise Men. This year, however, instead of the traditional parade, the event was restricted to the confines of an eerie local sports stadium where the display of one surreal feat after the other resulted in a show fit for kings.

The soundtrack is a chopped & screwed remix of NIKE7UP’s July 2011 mixtape.
Screened at Agora Collective, Berlin, 2012

Director’s comment two years later:

"In reality it was a nice summer day, and there were tons of children with their parents cheering on queue, and overall just a positive vibe. This was an experiment in the versatility of video and the process of altering reality through the selection of an editorial take. At the time, possession and dark irony appealed to me, and so, the heavy editing and post-production aims for that aesthetic. The lo-fi, consumer electronics style is purely thanks to the camera itself and actually works cohesively with the uneasy, distant vibe of the video."

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