Women’s Day is one of those days that I grew up celebrating. In Bulgaria every woman would get a flower and we would not be tested in school on that day. Over the years I have gone through different stages of how I felt about receiving flowers. I felt that it was insensitive and wasteful to pick them so I asked people not to give me cut flowers. In the recent past I decided to be a bit more flexible and rejoice in this ritual again, as a friend put it to me, flowers like being picked and enjoyed.

Today, I was thinking of how nice it is to receive flowers and that women should receive flowers every day. There is something about being a woman that is so intrinsically linked to a flower, its gentleness and beauty, which spontaneously warms our hearts.

Female beauty is like that. But this beauty is somehow lost today, a beauty that even women do not cherish. It is a beauty that has nothing to do the established standard of glamor, or with stereotypes of being a girly girl, a tom boy, butch, femme, or even being sexy. It is not fake niceness, or a please everyone attitude. A flower pleases simply by being what it is, it does not need to go out of its way, nor does it need to act strong or prove anything. A flower awakens our natural sweetness. Why are we denying ourselves that beauty? Maybe we forgot its true power.

Loving gentleness is the most powerful catalyst for growth and transformation. To allow something to grow is only possible if you are gentle. I do not have kids, but I think any mother would know what I am talking about. Any long term sustainable process requires infinite amounts of patience, persistence and gentleness. I have realized that about my film and with my own personal growth. The minute I force it, I block it.

I think most of you would agree with me, that our world and society is sick. We can see that sickness reflected in our relationship with nature and in all the problems resulted from our separation from it. I think to build a new world each one of us will have to get to the bottom of our own wounds and heal them. Each one will have to heal the separation from our very own part of nature, our body. To heal that we will need to utilize in full force our loving and gentle power.

Maybe this Women’s day, it is a time for all of us to get a flower.

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