Cinerama Outtake from "Beach Bum"
Directed by J.X. Williams
35mm | 196? | 3:40


This lo-fi version of Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra's 1967 hit "Some Velvet Morning" was recorded by Spindrift and Dexy Valentine (of Magic Wands) in May 2004 on a 4-Track Cassette. Mixed by Kirpatrick Thomas. Mastered by Ethan Allen. Joe "Party Chango"Baluta played bass guitar and Daniel Allaire on drums.


After several decades in limbo, The J.X. Williams Archive is excited to present an outtake from J.X. Williams' "Beach Bum" (1967) with a new soundtrack by Spindrift. The dream sequence was recently described in Gregory Avery's article "Beach Bum -- Pleasure Unto Death":

"When Ray gets Lureen to come over to his beach shack for the first time to listen to some music, he gives her a wine glass, the flames on the lit candles in the foreground expand in a way only candle flames can do in J.X. Williams movies---and we're off on a brief but harrowing psychedelic montage straight out of Psych-Burn, one that makes the couplings in late 60s Eurotrash cinema look pale and dismally uninspired by comparison."

This dream sequence was not used in the original film because it had been shot in the ultra-wide (and nearly obsolete) Cinerama format. Using the original film elements, The Archive has reconstructed what the triple-projected sequence might have looked like.

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