From February 23-27, 2012, a triple conjunction of 3 heavenly bodies made for a dazzling display up in the twilight sky. Jupiter, Venus and the moon gathered close together over the weekend that put on an impressive show in the celestial twilight/early evening sky as this triple conjunction, with the "peak" occurring on the days of February 25-26, 2012.

The astronomical event happened approximately over the course of 5 days/evenings. The first evening happened on the 23rd and the last and final evening was on the 27th. From then on, the moon drifted away from Jupiter and Venus.

The 1st and 2nd evenings (February 23-24, 2012) show just photos of the alignment of the moon, Venus and Jupiter, viewed from San Jose, CA.

On the 3rd evening, (Feb. 25, 2012), Venus and the moon was just 4 degrees apart from each other. This evening was viewed from Stockton, CA during my cousin's birthday party here. It was a beautiful sight, along with the dusk sky. While heading back home to San Jose, CA, we continued to see the triple conjunction. We had something to enjoy looking at while on our 1.5-hour drive back home. Especially in the middle of nowhere where city lights are limited, like east of Tracy, CA and Altamont Pass, we had a crystal clear view of it. However, while we were around Livermore, CA, we encountered a car accident that probably just barely happened. I hope the people involved were alright. The accident covered 2 lanes of the freeway. This was along I-580 westbound side. As we came closer to home, we saw the conjunction had slowly sunk closer to the horizon, making for a beautiful display with the evening city lights below while along I-680 southbound.

However, on Sunday of February 26, 2012, a cold storm system brought a good deal of cloud cover, making it difficult to see the conjunction this evening. However, I waited until the last clearing to take as much photos and video as possible, before a good solid layer of thick cloud cover soon blocked out anymore chances of seeing the conjunction the rest of the evening. This was the 4th evening, viewed from San Jose, CA.

The remainder of the video shows the 5th and last evening of this celestial alignment/conjunction which occurred on Monday, February 27, 2012. This was viewed from San Jose, CA in my backyard. It was a good thing this storm system was fast moving since after less than a day, the clouds had already drifted out of our area by sundown, giving our area crystal clear skies to see this last evening of this triple conjunction. Although it was a bit chilly since a storm just barely departed the region. This display looks like Orion's Belt! Or it looks like the opposite from the 1st evening's alignment. Before the moon was to the lower right of Venus now on this 5th evening, the moon is on the upper left of Jupiter.

What a wonderful astronomical event and dazzling display this was!

[Video/photos taken in San Jose, CA and Stockton, CA and along the highways around Tracy, CA. Time frame was from February 23-27 with my Canon Powershot SD1100 IS Digital ELPH camera]

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