Paris Christou of has given us a fantastic 8 hour course which covers how to draw and color Pin Up Girls in detail. His practice model is Cherry, a creation of his own that rivals the beauty of other illustrated lovelies like Jessica Rabbit or Ariel (the non-fish half at least). The first 30 minutes are featured here, more details can be found here...

Session 1: "The Head" 2 HOURS 50 MINUTES

-How to draw the facial features
-How to draw different hair styles
-How to put the facial features and hairstyle together with expressions

Session 2: "The Body " - 3 HOURS 8 MINUTES

-How to draw the basic body shapes
-How to draw the hands and feet
-How to draw the arms and legs
-Practicing to draw MANY pin-up poses

Session 3: "Final Art Piece" - 2 HOURS 13 MINUTES

-Putting everything together to sketch our final piece
-Creating the line-art
-Intro to Blending in Sketchbook Pro
-Coloring the line-art technique #1
-Coloring the line-art technique #2

Bonus Material

- Intro to Autodesk Sketchbook Pro Tutorial

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