The studio was approached by DixonBaxi to collaborate on the production of a rebrand of UKTV's flagship entertainment channel, Watch.
Based/inspired by this older simulation test/work
- I began to develop and revise the setup to work editorially and efficiently over a 32 second period.

The amount of data generated for 32 seconds of fluid,smoke simulation was HUGE - amounting to terabytes of particles to achieve the required density, complexity and slow-motion.
I developed a particlesetup that allowed colour and texture co-ords to be specifically placed both before and after simulations if required. I lit the scenes with a dome light setup and relatively small shadow maps.
Keeping the density high and colours vibrant whilst keeping dark shadows to a minimum was a challenge.


Design/Creative - DixonBaxi
SoundDesign - Massive Music
VFX/Production - Analog Pixel

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