Voici un addon d'aide à la texture, similaire a Zproject de zbush

Here is a blender addon for help to texture, like Zproject in zbrush

How to use.
You have to:
-have a blender version above r44647
- apply mirror modifier.
- apply rotation, scale
- centre of the mesh in centre (location x 0.0 y 0.0 z 0.0)
- prepare your mesh(UVunwarp, have a color texture).
- go in texture mode
- active the addon
and the rest is on the video.

Shortcut: middle mouse boutton press + key press (and stay press) + mouse move
- r for rotation
-S for scale
- G for tanslation
-U for scale the UV's

Other short cut:
Shift + mouse left (or rigth) 4 time to scale to the reference.
point 1: left eye on the mesh
point 2: right eye on the mesh
point 3: left eye on the plane
point 4: right eye on the plane
and it scale the plane in the proportion of the mesh

now numpad 1,3,7 and ctrl+nupad 1,3,7 work.

Addon :

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