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Project Chameleon is Teknision's ( vision for the tablet interface. This video showcases Chameleon built on top of Androids Ice Cream Sandwich while demonstrating various other technologies . These include OMRON Facial Recognition and Texas Instruments WiFi screen hijacking which was demonstrated by TI at MWC 2012 (

Chameleon is based on the belief that a tablet operating system should do more than simply present applications and notifications. Chameleon has done away with the under utilized idea of home screens and replaced them with the concept of contextual dashboards.

These dashboards are collections of widgets that dynamically provide functionality and display information based on the context of time and location. As the user brings their tablet with them through the environments of home, travel and work, Chameleon changes it's interface to present the most appropriate dashboard.

Somewhere between a research project and running prototype, Chameleon is our statement about the technologies and experiences that are just one step ahead of today.

Cunninlynguists - Seasons (Instrumental)

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