UTV indian network called us to be part of the pitch do develop UTV ACTION channel new image. We won the pitch, and we did a very extended and complex work which main piece was this Ident.
The client wanted to combine a massive explosion caused by a bomb dropped in the city with the saving actions of a Super Hero inspired in Ironman who use his powers to neutralize the bomb destruction.

Directed by: Plenty
Art & Motion Director: Mariano Farias
Texturing & Mattepainging: Andrés Reisinger & Elda Broglio
Storyboard: Elda Broglio & Mariano Farias
3D Modeling: Daniel Bel, Leandro Giorni & Juan Martin Miyagi
3D Animation: Leandor Giorni & Daniel Bel
3D Lighting & Rendering: Daniel Bel & Leandor Giorni
Montage & Edition: Mariano Farias
Compositing & Postproduction: Sebastian Curi & Pablo Alfieri
Production: Inés Palmas
Year: 2011
Client: UTV Network
Branding Director: Prashant Madan
Art Director: Malay Gupta
Producer: Jason Anthony
Audio: Amit Baua & Mohit Chaterjee

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