Our friends from StrucAxiom invited us to be part of one of the most interesting and challenged project we have ever been involved: The launch of a Toy Store calles Jou Jou inside The Grand American Hotel in Salt Lake City.
Our task was the Art and Animation Direction of a wall full of Monsters, that had to entertain, to frighten and to amuse all the kids that enter the Store!
It was a very ambitious and super funny project in which there were 10 monsters in different LED screens hanged in a wall. The Monsters interact once a movement is detected.
With StrucAxiom initial concepts and an lot of had work we created 8 out of the 10 monsters!
With only seeing the kids reactions in front the Monster Wall, we feel more Plenty than ever!

Directed by: Plenty
Art & Motion Director: Pablo Alfieri
Character Design: Stuck Axiom, Elda Broglio, Gabriel Fermanelli & Pablo Alfieri
3D Backgrounds Design & Modeling: Elda Broglio, Adnres Reisinger, Juan Martin Miyagi & Pablo Alfieri
2D Character Animation: Grabriel Fermanelli
3D Character Modeling: Daniel Bel, Leandro Giorni, Ruben Stremiz & Estudio Ronda
3D Character Animation & Rigging: Daniel Bel, Leandro Giorni & Ruben Stremiz & Estudio Ronda
3D Lighting & Rendering: Daniel Bel, Leandro Giorni, Ruben Stremiz & Estudio Ronda
Edition & 2D Animation: Sebastian Curi
Compositing & Postproduction: Sebastian Curi & Pablo Alfieri
Production: Inés Palmas
Year: 2011
Client: The Grand America Hotel
Preseident: Bruce Fery
Executive Director, Hospitality Communications: Susanne Maitzen
Agency: Stuck Axiom
Executive Creative Director: Brent Watts
Art Directors, Character & Background Design & Illustrarion: Destin Cox & Lee Guile
Producers: Heather Holt-Lister & Brad Kelly
Production Company: Mister
Creative Director: Jon Minori
Instalation Set Up: We Like Small
Principa Developer: Mike McNamara
Technology Director: Paul Solomon
Development Director: Corey Hankey
Developer: Craig Ruksznis
Custom Framing The Second Artist: M. Scott Gradner
Brushworks Gallery: Darryl Drage
Voices: Matt Austin & Jon Minori

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