One night in last November, at least two intruders—using my cellphone—made this video; both were of demonic origin (you can tell whenever they are wearing black, and it appears oversaturated, or cartoon-colored, which, I believe is some sort of field that emanates from their bodies naturally or by the process of hyperdimensional jumping).

Apparently, they entered my apartment undetected and rendered me unconscious, dangled me by my arms, and then left the video for me to find later.

You can hear the voice of one of the intruders say, "Pick him up," just before he turns on the light; a frame-by-frame review reveals not only what happened, but the form of a second intruder, as well, who apparently wears gloves with needles sticking out from the fingertips.

You can also hear a red-faced demon say, "Disease." And, at the end, when they are laying me back on my bed, you can hear the same person who issued the order to pick me up, say, "Hold him." Then, I'm not sure who says, "Bush, you know who we are."

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