Snow Guardians is an immensely visual documentary on the life and work of Ski Patrol at several Rocky Mountain Ski Resorts as well as the Search and Rescue teams that respond to winter emergencies in the backcountry. The goal will be to capture the hard work and passion of Ski Patrol and snow science experts as they work in challenging, dangerous, yet beautiful locations.

Much of the above trailer was shot durring the last winter season and the beginning of this season. This year has been one of the worst avalanche winters in recent history already claiming 8 lives in the Western United States. We critically need your help to complete the filming and interviews of people effected by these avalanches, and to edit, grade, buy music rights and to finish post production.

The expanded interest in the backcountry has resulted in a growing number of adventurers seeking enjoyment outside a ski resort. The imperfect science of avalanche study and prediction may be the only thing standing in the way of life and death for a growing number of backcountry adventurers. The film will also be a highly educational yet gripping story to help educate people traveling into the backcountry on the science and skills needed to survive.

We are on our second season shooting a documentary about Ski Patrol & Search and Rescue teams with the help of 14 talented filmmakers in Montana. Across the West, there had been 13 avalanche deaths this season as of Feb. 16, and with the boom in backcountry winter sports there is a critical need in avalanche safety training. Our film will provide a much needed overview of the training and equipment needed to venture off the beaten path all while being visually breathtaking enough to entertain all generations of snow adventures.

Because of the heavy avalanche year we are filming interviews of survivors and their rescuers and are in the process of editing over 3.5 Terabytes of HD footage that captured the lifestyle and visual beauty that draws people the rustic mountain lifestyle. The cost to pay editors, visual effects specialists and to license music will be over $22,000 alone.

We were lucky to keep our operating costs down because of the amazing donation of time by our super talented film crew. Now we need your help to contribute. Due to the donation of time you will find this is one of the lowest costing Kickstarter campaign for a HD broadcast quality film.

The project has turned out as an amazing visual compilation of the life and science behind backcountry snow safety. We hope that it will not only be great to watch but provide needed education on backcountry safety to save lives. Now its time for you to help, your contribution is critical to help us complete the project.

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