Entire FULL LENGTH VERSION Here: youtube.com/watch?v=kJjelhDdwVM&;

The El Camino Del Rey [aka The Kings Pathway, aka The Worlds Most Dangerous Path] is a one of a kind trail that offers everything... phenomenal views, difficult ascents, natural history, and also a deteriorated pathway that makes you question every footstep or handgrip you take.

IMPORTANT: There are more than 100 Million people in the world without mobility. This not only effects them but also their family, friends, and sometimes an entire community. For $64 you can give a wheelchair to someone desperately in need. Go to FreeWheelChairMission.org and donate. I, and others, are blessed to be able to walk, let alone climb one of the most unique and beyond beautiful pathways in the world.

[WARNING: Do not replicate what I did in this video. There are portions where I go without my gear. This should be done with proper equipment and not done alone. Also, although it IS in fact easily accessible, it still is illegal. 2012 is the last year the 'walk' is available. Spain is demolishing it and turning the area into a more 'tourist friendly' park.]

This was filmed in one consecutive sequence on the GoPRO Hero2 starting from the trailhead. It took 1 hour and 42 minutes. It was compressed, slowed down/sped up into a 5 minute sizzle reel. In reality it would only take someone about 20 minutes to walk carefully each way (40 total) without straps but you definitely will want to stop and take in the EPIC views!

Email me via VIMEO if you have any questions or email me at Grant@OutwardMediaGroup.com.

Music Credit:
DRC "Hallo"
Purchase the Track here and support OXFAM

Tech Specs:
GoPRO Hero2
Canon T2i
50mm 1.8
Shot in 1280x720@60p
Conformed to 30p
Transcoded to AppleProRes 422LT
FCP w/x.264 encoder
Magic Bullet Looks


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