One of the biggest disadvantages of living in Mumbai or any other Indian city is the lack of worthwhile live music. VH1 aims at changing the face of live music in India and mainly promote local city music bands of
all genres.


The VH1 'Hit the Road' Tour Bus will call upon upcoming music acts from the city allowing them to promote themselves and their music. This one day event takes a band around the city, stopping at open spaces and crowded locations which draws people in to listen and enjoy live music.


The tour bus is designed in such a way that it does not take more than 10 minutes to set up stage, lights and sound as it is all in built and doesn’t require the venues to make prior arrangements. The short time span for setting up the stage allows the band to cover more locations in a day.

This bus also consists of a mini store for selling of band merchandise like cd’s, t-shirts etc.
The tour bus is provided with a make up room and rest area for the bands torest while moving from one location to another.

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