After a group meeting in the perfect antibonk conditions of the curry house the night before, the Bath Uni mountain bike contingent headed out to give the XC and DH at the Forest of Dean a good seeing to. Its safe to say a bloody good day was had by all who went. The DHers got some good practice in for BUCS DH, and the lycra whippets formed a blue train, smashing past many baggy clothed, big travel "all mountain" riders. Imagine a lead out train through single track, and you get the idea.

Doug spent all day hammering climbs and attempting ludicrous "supercross overtakes" (read: straight lining corners and then slamming on the brakes in front of his victims). Santa Cruz broke his face and Ed almost immediately, and somewhat suspiciously broke his gears, meaning he could give what would quickly become the bike of his dreams a go. Phill cemented his position as the fastest man on a dirt jump bike IN THE WORLD, DonLAD surprisingly didn't wear his (now infamous) skinsuit, Pete could be seen nodding all over the place, and J-Night continues to be the raddest thing that had ever happened to lycra and 100mm of travel. Finally, there is a belief forming amongst select members of the club that T-Mag's bike is actually being held together by some kind of ancient voodoo curse.

That blue run was one of the best things ever. I can't wait to get another trail centre day in.

Footage filmed by George, Jeremy, DonLAD, and others.

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