This series of videos is a primer on the new Smoke solver and sourcing tools in Houdini 12. It is relevant to both the Pyro and Smoke solvers.

These are detailed and intermediate videos. It is important to understand the basic concepts of Houdini, including volumes, before watching them.

In the final part we look at how to collide our smoke with objects, both the new method in H12 and the traditional method. We also look at pumps, sinks, and expanding from an object. Finally we take a look at some of the main parameters of the smoke solver.

Note: there is an error in the section where I demonstrate how to add temperature to smoke. On the Source Volume node in DOPs I set the method of combining temperature to Add. This will add the temperature field at every frame, so the simulation will just get more and more hot. A better solution would be to use 'Maximum' which will keep the collision object at a steady temperature,

A project file is available from:

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