A small project that expanded over the course of several weeks. The Haunting was a not-going-to-be-made movie. The whole objective of this project was to create suspense in a trailer and here it is. Shot in the early days of my cinema experience as some sort of experiential film you can say...

Starring Grace Gimpel, Yvonne Wong, and Alexander Olof Johnson
With Scott Andrews, Chris Sampson, and Lauren Palac

Directed by Louis Wong
Written by Louis Wong and Yvonne Wong
Edited and Produced by *sigh* Louis Wong

Special thanks to:
Amanda Pila
Chris Sampson
Grace Gimpel
& Ryan Stachelski

Also thanks to The Free Sound Project for sound fx.

Made with Sony Vegas 7 Pro.
Nubellus Pictures Myspace Page: myspace.com/nubelluspictures

FOR BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE HAUNTING: youtube.com/watch?v=M78X8gEB4vo

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