Minipig mastication in lateral x-ray projection. Bones appear dark and air appears white in this x-ray positive movie. Video was recorded at 250 frames per second and is played back here at approximately 1/4 real speed. Video by K. Metzger.

Bone motion data come from two high-speed, biplanar x-ray movies. In some studies it is possible to surgically implant radiopaque beads into the bones for motion capture. In other studies, markerless motion analysis must be used. In markerless XROMM, the bone models are aligned to the x-ray images, either manually or using an autoregistration algorithm (e.g. You et al., 2001).

Marker-based XROMM analysis of mastication in minipigs

Metzger, K.A., D.B. Baier, A. Lin, C.J. Harper, and S.W. Herring. (2009). XROMM analysis of mastication in miniature pigs. Integrative and Comparative Biology. 49(Suppl 1): e115.

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