This trailer shows a glimpse of the 15-minute piece featuring Flash Rosenberg's live-drawing to explain the physical, emotional and mental changes that take place during the biological transformation from boy to man, girl to woman. By using straightforward narration and teen-friendly animation to discuss reproductive health, this video offers answers to the questions that adolescents may feel uncomfortable asking, while sending a strong message that the process of growing up is normal.

To view the entire animation
and/or purchase copies contact: or 800-707-6334

producer: Select Media
executive producer: Beth Wachter
live-drawing and direction: Flash Rosenberg
video editors: Lin Sorensen, Stefanie Koseff
script: Stephen Rudin M.D., Ruby Roberts
original music and soundtrack: Ken Rosenberg
audio recording: CDM Studios
voices: Leah Bachar, Sherley Joseph, T. Renee Laster, Kristin Lee, Isaac Pincus, Reynaldo Piniella

© Select Media 2011
art and animation © Flash Rosenberg 2011

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