The 3rd issue of Mirage Magazine was edited between a Beachwood Canyon bungalow, LA coffee shops, a Cape Town beachouse and Neil Young albums repeating on the BeoMaster. "We've always been fans of Young, the way his lyrics transport this detached feeling of youth and the open road.. the bitter-sweet ecstacy and constant urge to keep moving', says Frank Rocholl (Co-Editor in Chief with Purienne) "The idea of escaping the grid and the sprawl and living for love and freedom alone".

This spirit of the 60s and 70s is evident across the 20 editorials of the 400 page magazine object. It is as if the young Brigitte Bardot is still sunbathing topless in Saint Tropez, the Rolling Stones are recording their 'Excile on Main Street' Album and Natasja Kinski is late for her casting with Roman Polanski.

Idealism and Romanticism? Perhaps. But the open question it poses : Where are the utopias today? Are new dream worlds being constructed? Or is everything 'risk-managed' to the point of suffocation?

Aiming to be a timeless object rather than a reflection of the here and now, Mirage do not push superstar photographers or models, instead their latest cover features an image of the classic Dutch newcomer, Mirthe Visser, from the archive of relatively unknown photographer Yorick Nube.

Besides trademark editorials by Jonathan Leder, Jason Lee Parry, Anne-Constance Frénoy, Christian Friss and Henrik Purienne, Mirage 03 features Jesse Alexander's timeless Formula One photography, an Interview with Bruce Brown about his legendary motorcycle movie "On any Sunday", as well as the futuristic architecture of Paolo Soleri.

The first 2 issues of Mirage was hailed as instant collectors items and sold out within weeks. No.3 is available from 25.2.12 at selective outlets such as Concept Stores, Airport and Specialised bookshops in all fashion capitals. Direct order available at

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