This is a teaser to film release 'The Joe Rogan Experience: Wake Up Call' (2012) by Dominoes Falling Productions.

The film features podcasts from the Joe Rogan Experience with Peter Joseph, Brian Redban, Michael Ruppert, Duncan Trussell, Aubrey Marcus, Jason Silva, Shane Smith, Eddie Bravo, Joey Diaz, Ari Shaffir, Mike Dolce, Dom Irerra, Jon Lajoie & more. The film is a collaboration between these podcasts and other various material, designed to raise awareness of issues and ideas that are of increasing importance.

Keep on the lookout for it's release. In the mean time check out all our work @
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For further information and entertainment from some material used: Night, and Good Luck 2005) (You've Felt it You're Entire Life) (Music- Blackmill - Spirit of Life)

Thanks to all those involved and to the rightsholders of all material used. This film has not been made by or endorsed by Joe Rogan himself, therefore if you are rightsholder to any footage used and are a hater who wants to sue, then please talk to our legal defense team Anonymous @

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