This is part 1 of a video I am doing about a few days I spent in Prague, during February of 2012.
I am a professional musician but I also love cinema video and photography. Holidays in Prague. What a great excuse to practice and try to improve my poor filming and editing skills. Wish I had a Canon 5D Mark III or a Sony Nex - FS100, for better image quality but I only have a Canon Legria HV40... One day, if I deserve having such a dream... Any way, Prague is a beautiful city and I had a great time there. Hope you enjoy this video and music. Greetings from Portugal.

I used a Martin JC-16RGTE guitar, a Sadowsky Bass, a Korg 01/W music workstation, my Gibson Les Paul Classic with Bare Knuckle humbuckers - The mule, with a Dunlop porcelain ceramic Mudslide, my Mesa Boogie Express 5/50 amplifier and some pedals in front of it. On my pedal board - RMC3 Real MCCoy Custom Wha, Paul Cochrane Tim pedal, ZVex Box of Rock, Sweet sound Mojo Vibe, Supa-Trem and Ultimate Octave from Fulltone, EP booster from Xotic Effets, Radial Engineering Switcbone JX2 and a TC electronic Polytune. I also used a Brigadier from Strymon on the effects loop. The pedalboard is powered by Flatliner PRO and all cables are George L`s. The sound was recorded with a SM57 and a DPA IMK4061 microphone, in to the API A2D microphone preamp and direct to a Digirack 002 on Pro Tools LE. The video was shot with a Canon legria hv40.

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Thanks, Francisco Abreu.

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