Name: Brett Neilson
Network: Edu-Factory
Interview by: Gabriella Coleman
Date: 3 - 7 March, 2009
Location: Winter Camp 09, Amsterdam

Brett Neilson spoke on behalf of Edu-Factory, a collective that started as a transnational mailing list, which theorizes the precarious conditions of university labor as well as student led uprisings that protest the neoliberalization of the university system. Among many topics, the issue of organizing group discussion through a moderated and highly focused mailing list was raised. This model is not one that many groups follow but has worked well with Edu-Factory to streamline and focus networked conversations that can often grow unwieldy. Brett also discussed the role of one of their recent publications, L'universita' globale: il nuovo mercato del sapere, in the recent Italian-based protests against the university system.

Read the blogpost of the final presentation of Edu-Factory here:

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