The Network Is a Blind Space is a distributed, micro-telematic, interactive sound art installation that explores the physical yet invisible electromagnetic spaces created by WiFi networks.

Wireless network spaces co-exist and interact with physical ones but follow their own rules, which are not always intuitive from the point of view of physical experience. To explore and navigate these spaces a new sense is needed, as vision falls short. The Network Is a Blind Space creates an electromagnetic musical echolocation system in which visitors can use mobile electronic devices (smartphones, iPods, tablets, laptops) to poetically and viscerally explore this hidden Hertzian dimension within the particular space the piece is installed in.

The piece addresses the physicality of WiFi waves together with the deeply social nature of computer networks. It explores how such a network behaves inside a space, how it modulates the psychogeography of that space affecting visitor behaviors and interactions, but also how it reacts itself to visitor presence. To this extent, the piece reveals the network as a dynamic, navigable space, as an open score spread in that space, and as a large, invisible, collective idiophone – a collaborative distributed instrument which devices of connected visitors excite into resonance.

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