A simple job for a determined assassin finds a complication in a friend from the outside world, whose well-meaning phone call intrudes upon the tried and true method of a killer, with unexpected consequences.

"How to Lose Friends & Assassinate People" is the latest production from Wingless Films, and was shot on location in and around Plymouth University. The film stars Tom Menary as a workaholic assassin, and Metal Snare Production's Bill Sheikh as his persistently chipper friend who remains oblivious to his colleague's dangerous line of work. Directed and filmed by Jim Elton, the film features props supplied by Robin Manford, and an original score by Tom Menary.

Wingless Films 2012

More Wingless Films: youtube.com/WinglessFilms
Wingless Films on Facebook: facebook.com/WinglessFilms
Metal Snare Production: metalsnareproduction.com
The original score music on Bandcamp: tlm86.bandcamp.com/album/How+to+Lose+Friends+&+Assassinate+People

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