This documentaries is made to deliver a simple message with an interesting visual which is taken from the real stories of a guy named Uncle Jin. This is my second year school project as a graphic designer where it was my first time using documentary film as my medium. I have no experience in movie editing and there was no storyboards and script.

Most people are intrigued by the mirror presence on the film. Actually on the shooting day itself, I woke up with an idea that I wanted to add a perspective and depth into the scene so that it engaged people to the story, mimic and gestures of what Uncle Jin does. By then it also add the sense of depth and a contrast between Uncle Jin and the background.

I'm a spontaneous person and I embrace the beauty of it. I hope what moves me moves you as well. Hope you enjoy the film, please drop your comments and critics both will be equally wonderful to me. And pardon my grammar error, I'm still improving it by time. Cheers.

1. Crowbar Awards 2009
- Gold Awards for Documentary Film
- Bronze Awards for narrative Photography

2. Showcased in Noise Singapore 2012

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