Infinity's Taken
By Everyone
As A Figure-Of-Eight
Written Sideways On.
But All Of A Sudden
I Now Comprehend
That Eight Is Infinity
Standing On End.

- Piet Hein

Are you deep deep inside or faraway? In "Two Ends Of Infinity" you'll never know. This is another study about micro and macro visualization in stereoscopic 3D as well as typography in space.
The animation was a hybrid film study at university. Thanks to Prof. C. Mahler.

The soundtrack includes extracts of the following artists:

Chopin - Marche Funébre
Iversen - Absinth
The Domestic Front - Count
Radon - Pulexsecunda
Radon - Terra + Rattusylvae
Daemon X - Looping All Day Long


Watch the stereo-3D version on Youtube:

Two Ends Of Infinity with an alternative soundtrack made by Matija Strnisa can be watched here:

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