Another way to live -- monastic sisters of Plum Village Monastery share their practice. Can we offer young women, and young men, another vision, another model, another way of being?

Filmed at Plum Village Monastery in southwest France. More Wake Up videos to come!

Thanks to our teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, Sister Dedication, Brother Phap Linh, Max Pugh, Sister Peace, Sister Phu Nghiem, Sister Morning Light, Sister Anne Claire, Brother Tai Sinh and many many others, including the whole Plum Village and the Wake Up community.


Track one: "No Wait" by sister True Vow and PV monastics

Track two: "Peace" by sister Peace and PV monastics

Track three: "We are one" by Sweet Honey and the Rock, sung by Sister Morning Light.

In dedication to my nieces Sylvie and Shinae, my sister Lili, my mom, and to the my sisters at Plum Village -- it is an honor to have you as sisters. Thank you for all your love! Keep shining the way.

 -- Brother Fulfillment (Phap Man) (editing, production).

Thanks to the "Miss Representation" film trailer for the inspiration to show another way of living.

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