Second video from Alice & Björn's CD "Swinging With The Boys" - Happy!

Alice Leonz - Vocals
Björn Pehrson - Bass
Raul Rodriguez, Jr. - Drums
Hernan Alizieri - Guitar
Chuck McLaughlin - Trumpet
Written By : Aliceleonz & Björn Pehrson

By:Aliceleonz & Bjorn Pehrson

ooo honey dew
I never get enough to you
my days are always sweet and happy
if i'm with you

ooo baby blue
your smile make me new
I can sing a happy song all day
as long as there is you

i can't stop giggle when i talk to you
and when your gone my heart will turn to blue

ooo i love you
how can i not be in love with you
i'm deep in love before i knew
i haven't get a clue

ooo I need you
i always wanna be with you
i just can't get it over you,
your love like a glue

you make me addicted to you
i feel like i will live always in my youth

ooo please be true
i can't live without you
and if you do you know
my heart will break in two

ooo doo ba doo scoo ba doo ba doo
sometimes i haven't got words to say
if i'm with you

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