The first music video from SOC's christian hip-hop album entitled "Rebirth of SOC." depicting no matter how we try to pursue that almighty dollar, the pursuit of it is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6 verse 10). We should all first seek the kingdom of God (Matthew 6 verse 33).

Artist Information:

The song/video sets the stage for a storyline demonstrating that

Production Information:
Filmed by Brandon Paschal and Kevin Miles for 3D logo animation by Thanks to Eric B. for filming support for the final scene. Written by SOC. Production via I.Davis for Flite Skool, by BeanONE.

Street Businessman = Shaun W.; Street Client = Erik C.; Boss = Brian W.; Office Businessman = Shannon G.; Office Client = Everett; Wife = Cherita G.

Technical Information
Filmed on Canon XH-A1 at 28, 50, 105mm. Cinevate 35mm Adapter. Produced on a MBP with FSC2. 3D Logo.

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