The inspiration base on the story of country mouse and the city mouse. Two days of work on this video. One theme is outdoor in the morning, and one theme is indoor at night.

1. Muse is running around the tree. (Outdoor forest)
2. Climbing the cliff to see their friend, and fell (Outdoor cliff)
3. Felling to the tunnel (Film in the roll of paper) And drops inside of house (Indoor)
4. As the muse is dizzies on the ground, there’s another muse is hiding behind the wall. (In the hall of house, and face the living room as the background)
5. Muses are talking to each other before being chase by the human. (Indoor hall)
6. Hiding behind the k and wait for human to walk away (Indoor: K)
7. They are eating in front of the oven (Indoor)
8. Talk in front of oven (Indoor)
9. Walking by the glass (Outdoor shot)
10. Play on the leaf (Outdoor)
11. Walking back (Outdoor toward the trough)

The mouse is from Ikea
This video is make for fun and class assignment only.

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