It is unreal how much has changed in the Indie film world since we made this movie. The DSLR revolution has occured and changed everything. It is tough not to wonder how our production would have gone with a MARK IV or even a T3i. I have since started using LED lights as well and those have greatly affected the set-up/take down time as well as the comfort during filming in such a positive way.

Regardless of the new world we find ourselves in I can only look back and be proud of the work we did. Using a CANON HV30, almost no-budget and working after everyone got off work we sought to tell a good story in a creative and artistic way.

Nothing compares to the experience you gain from making a film and seeing it through to completion. The amount of time put into the making of this film is staggering which has allowed me to grow as a filmmaker in a profound way.

I kept a journal through the entire process and use this film as a study in making no-budget films. You can check the book at here:

I hope you enjoy our film. Thank you for watching!

Yours etc,



The film portrays an evening in the life of Eddie, a graphic novelist, seeking a second chance with an ex-girlfriend, the love of his life, Nina. Meanwhile, his friend Max, an artist and musician, is hoping to start a new romance on a blind date with Veronica.

As the couples wander through the city of Chicago, determined to see the sunrise together, each must come to terms with what they find truly important in the seemingly disintegrating world around them. Despite their efforts to appear confident and successful, they are all a little lost in life.


This feature film "ONE NIGHT" was produced by the Chicago production company Any Moment Productions, LLC.

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USERS: sagetyrtle, noise collector, vtownpunks,
klankbeeld, ttiimm54, ERH
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