35 x 60 Drama Series

ARCTIC AIR is a character-driven, one-hour adventure series set in the booming Canadian north about a maverick airline and the extended family of unconventional people who run it. Mel (Kevin McNulty), the cantankerous owner, keeps his crew of pilots in the air while Bobby (Adam Beach), his headstrong business partner, saves the airline from, well, “crashing.” Each week, their hot-shot pilots take off to deliver cagey prospectors to secret diamond mining sites, rescue scientists from snowed-in research camps, water-bomb forest fires or play tour guide for polar bear-seeking Japanese tourists.

It’s a world of wild extremes and contrasts unlike anywhere else. ARCTIC AIR has the thrill of adventure pulsing through it. It is about community and family. It is about who we are and how we live – refracted through the unique dramatic prism of the Canadian north.

In addition to the lead characters, each year a fresh crop of new recruits will arrive in Yellowknife, drawn from everywhere around the world. Almost none of them have any real notion of what they are getting themselves into, and more than a few get right back on the next plane south. Those who stick around discover that the effort required to stay in Yellowknife will be nearly super-human, but the ones who last are in for the adventure of a lifetime.

ARCTIC AIR features the star power of Adam Beach (Cowboys and Aliens, Flags of our Fathers, Law & Order: SVU), Pascale Hutton (Fringe, Rookie Blue, Sanctuary) and Kevin McNulty (The Killing, End Game, Battlestar Galactica). ARCTIC AIR is produced by Omni Film in association with CBC.

For more information please contact:

Lori Aldcroft, Sales Executive
Tel: (604) 681-6543

Omni Film Productions Ltd.
204-111 Water Street
Vancouver BC, V6B 1A7

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