Volume might be too high. Or too low. Only the Shadow knows, and since the Shadow is a fictional character I think we're screwed. I am not responsible for sound explosions.
Finished this one a bit later than expected due to some technical problems (stubbornness counts as a technical problem, right?).

Thanks to Samantha, Francis and Chris for the feedback, and Eric and Kyler for answering my stupid After Effects questions without breaking into hysterical laughter.

Sound effects from the following fabulous people on freesound who are the fabulousest of the fabulous for making neat sound effects: nextmaking, benboncan, meatball4u, srehpog, FxProSound (aka robinhood76), j1987, thatjeffcarter, dobroide, Chris Castiglione, Keith W. Blackwell, Richard Frohlich and jswonger.
I don't think I missed anyone, but if you hear a sound that's yours, let me know, and I will list you here and maybe send you a complimentary taco.

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