People Power’s CTO and Co-Founder, David Moss, and VP of Sales and Marketing, Bill Bein, discuss the impact of their latest technology.

People Power has developed one of the world’s best energy management and device application platforms.

People Power’s new application allows users to control various household appliances from their phones or iPads. The new app lets users see how much money they’re spending on an appliance in terms of money and/or energy. This can be viewed in real time, but the app also keeps a record of this data for historical views.

The new app not only allows you to see how much energy you’re consuming, but gives you the power to shut off the appliances of your choice as well, saving energy and bucks.

People Power has created open source software and opened their APIs and ask for other developers in the community to join them and work together to make things internet enabled and energy efficient.

“It’s innovation that’s necessary to solve this problem. Not just one company, but the power of everyone. That’s what People Power is all about.” - Bill Bein

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