Dubwar: Apple Tree's twisted twin sister.
The second installment of Project Inertia
Codenamed: "Seasons"

Song 1. Murder Machine - Bare / Mark Instinct Feat. Dieselboy

Song 2. Hey Sexy Lady - iSquare (Skrillex Remix)

Song 3. GET UP! - Korn Feat. Skrillex

Song 4. Pimp Hand Strong - Messinian / M.Remillard /Fredrik Olufsen

Song 5. Raise Your Weapon - Deadmau5 - (Noisia Remix)

Song 6. Died This Way - Lady Gaga (Skrillex Remix)
Unfortunately this song is unreleased and was leaked online from stolen hard drives.
I mean no disrespect showcasing it in this mashup. Hopefully it becomes available for purchase.

Song 7. sEXisM - Excision / SkisM

Song 8. Must Destroy - Figure

Song 9. Mr. Big Boom - PLAYMA

Song 10. A Single Moment of Sincerity - Asking Alexandria (Bare Remix)

Song 11. Contraband - Messinian Feat. Boy Kid Cloud

Song 12. Foes - Borgore (16bit Fuck Hoes Remix)
Unsure of Purchase page. I think it was a blog release.

Song 13. Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel) - Asking Alexandria (Borgore Remix)

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[ ]

[NO movie list compiled yet!]

Clips used from "Pitch Black" Property of Polygram Filmed Entertainment / Interscope Communications
Clips used from "Event Horizon" Property of Paramount Pictures / Impact Pictures / Golar Productions
Clips used from "Big Trouble in Little China" Property of 20th Century Fox Film Corp / Home Entertainment
Authored by Khameleon808 (Josh Prescott) Any copying, misuse, or redistribution of this edit is totally uncool. I work hard on these so people can enjoy them. Id like them to stay where they belong. Thanks everyone so much.

This is for demonstrative and promotional purposes only. No copyright intended or will be intended in this creation. All intellectual works within are property of their respective content owners.
As well as credit to all other audio/video recording agencies. All materials have been downsampled and not released in their entirety to protect the integrity of the property of the copyright holders.
This is more for artistic expression rather than distribution of protected content.

I highly respect the Movie and Music industries and understand fully it is their works. I am only trying to use a non-profitable strategy to raise more awareness to musicians and filmmakers. I hope this does not offend any copyright holders, as its not my intention.

I will not dispute any copyright claims and at the request of the holder, will remove my video without question.

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