This is a trailer for Paul Wright's Bafta winning 2010 short film Until the RIver Runs Red.

Chloe believes she is the only daughter of God. Her parents (the solemn JACK, and the caring KATE,) love her but hide her away from the world. Memories from Chloe’s upbringing piece together a darker truth and unveil set on a path to find a red river, which she believes she must find so that she may transcend to heaven.

Director/Writer Paul Wright
Producer Poss Kondeatis
Cinematographer Annika Summerson
Editor Michael Aaglund
Production Designer Yasmin Al-Naib
PM Katy Palmer
VFX Supervisor Anna Lind Sævarsdóttir
VFX?SFX Kassiani Koufaki
Sound Designer Dario Swade
Sound Mixer Catherine Duffy
Composer Jean-Marc Petsas
Grader Luciano Marigo-Spitaleri

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