Learn a little about this series and how we make them in this video podcast here:

Ronnie Hayward is a Rockabilly Hall of Famer and a really cool guy:

This short documentary was shot mostly with the iPhone4 with a little iPhone 4s & the Canon 7D thrown in.

8mm App was used for the majority of the recording (60's film stock with a clean lens), with a little bit of the Almost DSLR App, and the standard iphone camera.

When I shot this, The 8mm App could only shoot at 960x720 so I just dropped it into a 1280x720 timeline and scaled it up to get back to a standard 16x9 aspect ratio.

Edited in FCP 7

Titles created in AE CS4

The audio was recorded with the H4N Zoom.

Castros Lounge is a really awesome bar here in the east end (beaches) area of Toronto. If you're in the Toronto area or are thinking you might be visiting at some point, you should consider dropping by to hear Ronnie perform live (every Friday from 5pm-7pm)



If you'd like to see my previous short (scripted) film which, according to this article smartmoviemaking.com/is-this-the-worlds-first-iphone-film/ just might be the first ever narrative film shot with an iphone, go here: vimeo.com/5861892

Again, the influence of Don Shebib's, "Goin' Down the Road" is pretty obvious here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goin'_Down_the_Road

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