I went to school for engineering so I know technical
but I don't know any advertising sales

we have no marketing department
no marketing people on staff

I’m general manager
And we're a custom steel fabrication company

Our main clients are the department of energy
Department of defense

Our biggest barrier is getting our company out into the public eye

I don’t like sales
It’s not something that’s just natural for me to just walk up to people to start talking
Yeah so we really need some help there

Right now we have a website and a very basic brochure
So that’s all we have

Just glad to be here

Jamie Stermer | Buffalo, NY
Jamie built up his steel fabrication chops by working at a small welding shop all through high school. After earning an engineering degree, he joined West Metal Works, Inc., a leader in precision metal fabrication. Today, as general manager, he believes that West Metal Works could benefit enormously from professional marketing direction.

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