Name: Prayas Abhinav
Network: MyCreativity
Interview by: Soenke Zehle
Date: 3 - 7 March, 2009
Location: Winter Camp 09, Amsterdam

On the need for a new language of relation. While networking is related to communication, often only that which can communication is communicated, and the "latency" of networks - resources available within or outside the network, silent members not addressed or engaged by the protocols that dominate network communication - limits their productivity. No scripts exists to include the spoken as well as the unspoken, but a greater awareness of the physicality of communicative relations can help imagine that which is not expressed, along with plurality of social forms and modes of relation. Because many people want their online identities to be consistent, they behave in 'starchy' ways and end up contributing to a further formalization of the social; more spontaneous and open-ended voices and tones are less and less common. Collaboration is work, which makes it less attractive; but working together negotiates a range of issues conversation will take much longer to accomplish. Even if people really do function in "clouds", our computing environments have grown too large to provide useful models to think about relation; but the idiom of networks should be developed further, taking into account other experiences (doctors, traders) to explore how the size of their networks affects their livelihood and survival, and create a vocabulary to capture the physicality of relation.

Read the blogpost of the final presentation of MyCreativity here:

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