Sharks are one of the most feared, yet imperiled creatures on our planet. We plan to tag and track threatened sharks with custom-designed satellite tags in order to identify their ‘hot spots’ for mating, feeding, and pupping, with the purpose of establishing effective protection at these critical sites.

To support the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program, please visit: or email to donate.


Video By: Christine Shepard -
Music: 'Sunset' by Evgeny Grinko -
Music: 'Wavy Glass' by Podington Bear -

Contributing Videographer: Austin Gallagher -
Contributing Photographer and Videographer: Jim Abernethy -
Contributing Photographer: Daniel Bohtelo -
Contributing Photographer: Neil Hammerschlag -
Contributing Photographer: Shawn Heinrichs -
Contributing Photographer: Jeff Rotman -

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