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This video focuses on how to create automation with a human touch in your business using Jidoka, which is also known as autonomation, and is a key component of successful Lean Manufacturing implementations.

This video explains exactly what Jidoka is, how it can be implemented at your business, and the many benefits you will realize from implementation. Starting at the very beginning of Jidoka to how it can be applied in our world today you will soon discover; the many advantages this auto stop feature of Jidoka has to offer you such as:

How to separate humans from machines that result in incredible savings in direct labor and productivity, why Jidoka is now considered to be a major support in the House of Lean Manufacturing, and how you can automatically shut down a process when anything goes wrong using one of the key principles of Jidoka.

A simple six step process is explained that must be followed when a problem occurs on a machine to effectively resolve the problem permanently. Using easy to understand graphics and animations this video explains automation with a human touch to all levels of employees. When your employees learn how to implement Automation with a Human Touch you will begin to realize all of the many incredible benefits that can be enjoyed and how to effectively remove some of the eight deadly wastes in your business.

Come and join us on an entertaining journey into Automation with a Human Touch to discover all of the benefits that Jidoka has to offer your business; better quality, increased productivity, reduction in labor, higher machine up-times, improved customer satisfaction, and lower repair costs. That all adds up to profitability added to the bottom line.

The full DVD video has MUCH more information on Jidoka and Autonomation. If you have any questions on the video or implementing these techniques in your business, please don't hesitate to contact us or vist our website at

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