Coalition Against Duck Shooting (CADS) rescuers today documented being shot at and physically abused by duck shooters on the wetlands of Lake Buloke, located near the central Victorian town of Donald.

Rescuers were targeted on the wetlands by angry and abusive duck shooters whilst attempting to protect and rescue Australian native waterbirds.

After the tragic incident last year where a female duck rescuer was shot in the face, the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has failed to ensure firearms safety on the wetlands.

“These videos clearly illustrate that the DPI are incapable of enforcing their own rules and regulations on Victorian wetlands. The DPI’s Game unit is made up primarily of duck shooters, and there is a serious conflict of interest here, and we demand to know what the DPI is going to do to solve the problems that we have exposed.” – Tony Murphy

Rescuers have filmed a duck shooter firing at a group of duck rescuers, a duck shooter abusing a female rescuer, duck shooters aggressively approaching rescuers and breaking DPI safety regulations, and a shooter violating DPI welfare regulations by failing to kill a bird he had just wounded.

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